The Last

Time Traveller

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Samantha Deacon was born with a destiny she doesn't want: to either save or destroy human kind. No one knows how or which she'll choose, least of all herself. All she knows is that her timeline is the last and that she is the last time traveller.


In a world being consumed by an unstoppable fungus called the Rust, humanity has plummeted into famine and social collapse. A ruling military feigns control over the population while common citizens build ever higher to stay above the rising mold. Cults and rebellions stir in the unchecked Tier City, built on top of the ruins of their fallen civilization.


As a child Samantha witnesses her father's abduction. The kidnapper gives Samantha a mysterious mathematical equation and, believing that if she finds its meaning she'll find her father, Samantha dedicates her life to its decryption. The letters and symbols let her unravel the secrets of time travel and the construction of a device that allows her to travel between dimensions at will and - just once in a lifetime - into her past.


Travelling between timelines she learns that she is the first female version of a brilliant scientist who has travelled back in time 10 times before. With each journey he created a new timeline by passing on the equation to his younger self. Each version of the scientist spends their life seeking a cure to the Rust, and each fails. When there are no other options he travels back in time to groom his younger self toward greater knowledge and daring in the scientific quest. The process makes great men of some, and monsters of others.


They all have the ability to travel to Samantha's timeline, and they all want to learn the secret of why she is the last time traveller. Some seek to offer help, while others are willing to take the secret by force. Samantha must safeguard her own existence by keeping the other time travellers alive while they wage war on her timeline with armies of cultists, robots, soldiers and people infected with the human Rust.


To grow up and become the woman her world needs her to be, Samantha must find the friends and allies who will stand with her at the end. Helping her discover the cure to the Rust, and deciding the ultimate fate of the human race.

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"Time favours those who try."

 - The Ninth Time Traveller

About the Writer

Christian Doran is a writer, producer, gamer, teacher, boyfriend, son and shut in nerd. Hoping one day to own a dog.

Christian produced the feature film Me and My Mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse and has directed a bunch of short films.

He loves stories so he dedicated his life to telling this one. He hopes you like it.


The Last Time Traveller: Ash Grove is a unique combination of RPG and action adventure with an emotionally thrilling narrative running through the gameplay. Packaged as a single player campaign it will have the visual style of Shadowrun Returns, the gameplay of an RPG and the action of a zombie survival game.

Written and Produced by

Designed by

Programmed By

Artwork By

Christian Doran

Harley Gilbert

Chris Burden

James Walker

Hamish Wagstaff

Darcy Hatfield

Antony Bal

Jonathon Hanlon


In a world where a Rust fungus is slowly consuming the planet, 15-year-old Samantha Deacon deciphers the equation left for her on the night of her father’s disappearance. With it, she builds a device that can open the gulf between 10 parallel timelines. When her little brother is kidnapped by a Man in a Metal Suit she must travel across the gulf to save him.


Travelling through the timelines, Samantha discovers that she is the last in a line of 10 male time travellers that ruined their timelines while trying to save the world from the Rust. In the Eleventh timeline, Samantha’s timeline, the time traveller was born a girl. She alone is destined to stop the time loop by defeating the rust and saving the world. No one, including Samantha, has any idea how she does it but that doesn’t stop the other time travellers from trying to steal her secret.


Set in ten versions of Samantha’s family home and street, Samantha must get her little brother back to the Eleventh timeline and defeat the Man in the Metal Suit in the process. She must use the research of the other time travellers to upgrade her time device and tune it to the different timeline frequencies. Some of the timelines are overrun with soldiers in the middle of a genocide, infected humans thirsting for blood and insane cultists waiting for Samantha to arrive, while others are full of stories, characters and quests. With the ability to switch timelines at will the player must collect materials to build barricades and boobytraps enabling them to survive the dangerous timelines long enough to find a new frequency.

The Last Time Traveller novel series is an action adventure trilogy about Samantha becoming the warrior she needs to be to fight in the Dimensional Wars. In the first book Rust Fortress she must join the military force, the Young Libertarians, while sabotaging the Sixth Time Travellers production of time travelling robots.

Written by

Christian Doran



As we sped down the dead straight freeway the outline of the Fortress began to emerge from the desert haze, and it was incredible. It was a mountain that stretched as wide as it did high and it poked out of the flat ground like an island off the coast. While Tier City was a feat of ingenuity and human resilience, this was a feat of engineering and human strength. If there was one place on earth where humans might survive - it would be this.


The Fortress resembled the Tower of Babel step pyramids of the Aztecs but 100 times bigger. There were four levels reaching up to the sky, each smaller in width the higher you went up. The bottom layer sat a kilometre above the ground on a jumble of steel, bricks and rubble stuck together with concrete poured over the top. These materials were once the CBD of the city, the military took a thriving, virtually Rust free, city centre complete with skyscrapers, casinos and a world famous water park and reduced it to a pile of junk. Pushing it all into a neatish pile they created a thick layer of protection against the rising Rust that would one day finish with the desert and creep upwards towards the lower level. The Rust was the main enemy but I noticed a wall built around the lower level to protect the structure against human attacks as well. Cementing the name - the Fortress.


The Second layer was another kilometre above the first and seemed to be made out of more rubble. It had a thinner ring than the sprawling lower level and looked like it was there to protect and hold up the third layer that was made of straight, thick steel. There was evidence of food crops and possibly some livestock on the second layer but they were placed in between the steel struts supporting the heavy metal walls above. As we got closer I thought I could see doors into the metal structure, meaning that the 2 kilometers of fortress above the lower level must be hollow and used as the impenetrable core of the mountain.


The third, metal, layer of the Fortress ended another half kilometre into the sky, and the forth and smallest layer sat on top. It was more like a lighthouse tower strapped with satellites, aerial's and crows nests where soldiers could be posted to keep watch on the desert.


The entire mountain was an awe inspiring sight to see. Growing up in a world where nothing hadn’t been touched by the Rust, this seemed like the promised land. A clean and protected place where the human race could live for another 100 years. Too bad it was built for war, and the death of the people the military swore to protect. I would never become a soldier. I would never be like them.


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